Who am I?

Everybody has dreams. Ever since I was a boy my father used to tell me that most of the people who go after their dreams don’t achieve them. And to be honest most of the people in the world believe that. Being a mathematical genius my parents pushed me towards learning logic based subjects, and who can blame them? They only wanted whats best for me.

However my parent’s ignorance had it’s consequences. From a boy who read at least one book  each week I turned into a boy who hates reading and escapes to his computer games every time he can. From a competitive swimmer I became an obese child. Also, during that time I moved from USA to Israel, so to top it all I had no friends and had a very hard time socializing. Now as you can imagine my self esteem started sinking, my soul was decaying, day by day. The virtual world was my best friend, escaping to it really had its perks, I could do whatever I wanted, nobody was nagging me and nobody was judging me.

Now I can complain for hours about how bad my life was at that point, but I want to thank my parents for making me to go through it. The shitty situation I was in showed me things other people couldn’t see. I understood how important freedom of action was, I found out how when you’re that low down nobody can help you but most importantly I found out how to improve and be a better version of my self everyday. My parents nearsightedness turned out to be the greatest challenge for me to overcome and to be the key component of developing my character.

To read more about how I overcame my problem click here.

Everybody has these problems to some degree, some of them know about them, some don’t. Whether it’s problems with women, obesity, frustration, low self-esteem, not sticking out from the pack, and that’s okay. I mean everybody is like that, it’s just as natural for you to be like  that as-well. But why settle for the participation medal when you can go for the gold. I’m here to get you there.


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