The Most Efficient Way to Grow Stronger

If you’re here, you’re a training junkie just like me. My several years of experience and studying physiology and psychology have brought me to some idea’s that I live, breath and act by. Now most of the people here are expecting to see some sort of training program for strength or some sort of sleep/diet schedule but that is not the case. You see, not everybody that trains has the proper mentality to grow stronger, that’s why you see a lot of guys in plateaus, or getting injured or even training consistently and still not getting results. I realized that all of those famous big names have something in common, when they are interviewed about their training, they hardly ever talk about their training routines or about what they do in the gym, and its not because they have super secret programs that nobody can know about (their programs are specifically built for them and its all basically the same concepts), it’s because they all work on something much more important, their mentality.


What is mentality? It’s a combination of your willpower, the way you perceive yourself and how much of a bad-ass you are, essentially it’s the ingredients you have to deal with your fears and problems.

When starting off training, almost everybody adapts great routines, and diets to help them grow stronger, especially if they do a little research beforehand. However, not all of them have the same results, why? Assuming everybody is persistent with their training and doesn’t get sick or injured, it comes down to the mentality they have regarding to their training.

In order to adapt and grow into a new, well built, strong, muscular body you have to adapt the mentality of a well-built, strong, muscular guy. The thing is, well-built muscular guys don’t have the same mentality and as these guys starting out at the gym. When training they have the willpower to exceed their limits (getting that extra rep, not breaking form), they have patience and don’t expect to get results over night, they are confident and comfortable with their bodies, and the whole way the see the world and the rules they act by (which influences the way they workout and eat) are different. If you understand this you can see why it’s a problem to adapt to a new body without adapting to the new mentality of that body. Hell, studies have shown that the more confident you are the more testosterone you have, and we all know that testosterone helps us grow and become stronger, even quicker. I see these guys who are impatient (don’t create a solid base for training or learn the movements/lifts), unconfident (don’t like they way they look, believe they need a better body for people/girls to like them, also have a low level of testosterone), have weak willpower and don’t know how to train like a bad-ass (taking yourself to the limit and testing your strength without breaking form) that can’t become the strong person they want to be. Those are things you must change as-well as your training and eating habits, as a matter of fact, if you work on these things, I guarantee you will barely have to put any effort into improving these habits, you will already think like the strong guy you want to become, so you will act like him and become him.

When I go to the gym it’s just as much of a mental training session as it is a physical one. I’ll tell you this, every time I go into that cage, under the squat bar, every time I try to pull the bar off the floor, it’s hell. Every ounce in my body tells me I don’t want to squat with that weight or that I don’t want to pull that bar off the floor and it takes a lot of willpower  to do it, if it didn’t it means I can train harder and better. I’ll have nights that I stay awake a bit fearing the workout I’m going to do the next day. Most importantly I consider my self-confidence and being true to myself, more important than my training itself, because it’s the mindset you adapt that will help you become the person you want to be, not the things you do.


So before you go to the gym again think for a second, who you are and who you want to be, and ask yourself “Am I satisfied with how I look/perform?” “Am I pushing myself to my limit?” “Am I confident enough?” “Am I rushing to see results?”. If you ask yourself these questions and act on your conclusions you will see the world around you stay still while you become the person you want to be.

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