Why there will never be any cyborgs

If you are reading this, just like me, you are intrigued by the science fiction terminator-style cyborgs who take over the world in movies. And as much as I love Arnold’s acting in the movie “The Terminator” and my fondness of the film, I must say that I think the terminator is a very low-technology aspiration compared to the next big thing to come, the biological computer based cyborg.


By now you probably think I’m some sort of conspirator/lunatic, so allow me to explain. The human race is growing closer and closer to developing something called “The Biological Computer” which is basically a computer that unlike the metal computers and machines we know today that function on two types of input (on/off 0s and 1s), will run on several types of input (0,1,2,red,blue,cat…it really doesn’t matter what you call it). Now, I’ll tell you a secret, if we examine the world we live in right now, we would see that the human race wouldn’t be inventing anything knew by creating this biological computer. In fact, developing such a computer wouldn’t look like such an achievement at all, because if we examine carefully we can see that the whole world is filled with biological computers.

The living beings on our planet, the ones we call plants, animals, humans, fungi, bacteria, etc. are all forms of biological computers. Looking at the functional patterns of the human brain which is now considered one of the biggest complexities in the universe with millions of people examining it for centuries, we can see that we can decode the brains patterns into such a code, not binary but like I described earlier with more than 2 types of input. As a matter of fact the human race has already decoded a less complex thing in such a matter-DNA.

The more we examine it the clearer it gets that the human brain and body functions with patterns, just like a computer, it is much more complex than any computer known to mankind today but a computer is a computer.

What am I trying to say? Just like we’ve created robots that function with binary codes, there will come a time when we will decode the brain’s patterns and be able to create a computer that functions like the human brain, and maybe even create one that functions better (a smarter brain). You really don’t hear about this in scifi movies or books, but I believe this is the next frontier of humanity, but hey I’m just a lunatic remember? 😉


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