How to get extra time!

Are you one of those people that don’t have enough time? It’s as if you try to squeeze things into every last second of each day and you often find yourself tired and stressed out. Well I might just have the solution to your problem.

Stress Worry Woman with Text on White

In July two a couple of friends and I are going to attempt what they call a “sleep diet”. Basically you sleep 2-5 hours a day, depending on the schedule you choose, with out being tired, and with almost all of the benefits of  6-8 hours of continuous sleep  every night (monophasic sleep). Now before you get all skeptical and call me crazy, there are a lot of experiments with many participants on this topic, including an online tracker called zeo based experiment done world wide, which all conclude it has no harm on your body over the time span of 6 months.

We’re going to attempt a program called “Everyman 3” and I’m going to upload my thoughts/feelings/maybe some videos of me mostly during the adaptation part (I’m going to be extremely sleep deprived). Tune in to discover an amazing life hack to some extra time 😉


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